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The person behind
the computer

My name is Naomi, but some people call me Omi. I am a retoucher specializing in portraits and product listings for individuals and small businesses utilizing personal, professional, and e-commerce platforms. I strive to provide all of my clients with edits that present themselves or their products authentically by enhancing what is already there. Enabling you or your listing to put their best foot forward and to entice and enthrall any audience.

Meet Omi
na o mi | [Nay-OH-mee]

1. portrait / product retoucher working with clients in the US & abroad

2. born in NY, schooled in CO, and living in FL

3. received a BA from the University of Denver

4. completed a double major in Communications and Film Production & Studies 

5. lover of living minimally, consuming compassionately, and laughing out loud 

6. enthusiastic seeker of sustainable and animal-friendly products



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